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Passionate Marketing Expert - DAVE BARNES

For seven years, I have helped businesses manage their online presence with marketing automation, supported them in website design. My mindfulness approach to digital marketing and system management is designed to empower you and your brand. During my education at university and throughout my time as an entrepreneur in San Francisco, I have seen the dark side of marketing. It is out of this perspective that Magnanimous Life was born,. 

Marketing is a simple concept. You have a dream or vision that needs to be seen. To get started with marketing you will require two things. An architect and a bridge. Magnanimous Life is your architect and bridge. My experience and mindfulness approach will build the bridge you seek, putting your dream, vision or goal in front of an audience that will engage and love your offering. This approach removes the tricky language and psychological game that becomes marketing. Magnanimous Life’s focus is on you, your dream and how much you want to help your audience. No smoke, no mirrors, no slight of hand, authenticity is the new currency. 

The truth is. We all want to make money. However, we can choose how we show up to make that money. For me that is living Magnanimously. 

I invite you to keep reading and hope to see you on my calendar soon!

Our Magnanimous Approach

Our services are called "Digital Maintenance." In Today's digital world you must know what is on trend, how to manage your systems and have flexibility with your marketing efforts. Magnanimous Life is a full business support system; “the hands behind the curtain.” 

Digital Maintenance packages include but are not limited to...

  • E-commerce management & setup
  • Website development or optimization
  • Landing page creation
  • Webinar strategy & setup
  • App integrations
  • CRM & database management
  • Digital marketing strategy 
  • Tech support

Monthly maintenance includes pre-packaged hours and weekly check in calls. In addition, customized packages or one-time projects can be arranged upon request.  >> Learn more <<

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  Are you and your business Magnanimous?

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional work while staying humble. 

EVERY client that we work with is hand-picked. For us to work together you must be after more than a huge profit or selling the next "big thing." 

Magnanimous Life only works with people and companies that are focused on making our world a better place. Your business must be uplifting and coming from a place of gratitude.